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Phone System Maintenance & Repair

Angeles Communications Inc. now offers Telephone System Monthly Maintenance Agreements. Our services cover the entire Olympic Peninsula. Getting your telephony equipment serviced with Angeles Communications Inc. ensures that you will receive quality service FAST!

Why Do I Need A Maintenance Agreement?

Budget a monthly fixed cost instead of having a huge bill one or two months a year. Most manufacturers offer at least a one year warranty. This is all well and good, but who pays the labor required to identify simple malfunctions from faulty parts, and then professionally remove/replace, (without voiding the manufacturer's warranty), while directly dealing with the manufacturer? Unfortunately the manufacturer's warranty does not cover these services. They certainly won't pay a service company to perform this duty on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

Maintenance contracts start at just $4.50 per port with optional additions for voicemail systems. With a maintenance contract you ensure that your phone system is never down for long periods and you will never have to pay for a new part when damage occurs through normal use. In addition, common maintenance practices, such as moves, additions and changes are provided at a discounted rate.

Maintenance contract holders have access to:

Free Part Replacement - Parts need to be replaced periodically. If your telecom equipment experiences failure during normal use we will replace it and install it for free. Now your phone system can be fully insured. Priority Status - All contracted customers receive priority status for parts and services over non-contracted customers. In addition, all service under a contract has a guaranteed response time. Your system will always have immediate support.

Discounted Services - Contracted customers receive discounted rates for services not covered under a maintenance contract such as moves, additions and changes of new and existing equipment. No cabling included. 4-hour Response Time - For all major outages your contract guarantees you a 4 hour response time so your system will never be down for long.

Call or email us now to quote a Telephone System Monthly Maintenance Agreement for you!